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Cocaine Questions on the Shorter PROMIS Questionnaire

The following questions are taken from The Shorter PROMIS Questionnaires and relate specifically to cocaine use and its effects. Scores for each statement are rated 0-5 with 0 being 'not like me' and 5 being 'like me'. A total score of 20 points is clinically significant and indicates a need for further assessment.

I have particularly enjoyed getting a really strong effect from recreational drugs.

I have had a sense of increased tension and excitement when I knew that I had the opportunity to get some drugs.

Other people have expressed repeated serious concern about some aspects of my drug use.

I have found that getting high tends to result in my going on to take more drugs.

I have tended to use drugs as both a comfort and strength.

I have often found that I use all of the drugs in my possession even though I had intended to spread them out over several occasions.

I have tended to make sure that I have the drugs or the money for drugs before concentrating on other things.

I have been irritable or impatient if my supply of drugs is delayed for ten minutes or so for no good reason.

I have tended to use more drugs if I have got more.

I have deliberately used drugs before going out for a time if I have felt there might not be the opportunity to use them later.

If you scored a total of 20 or more in each section, it may be worth consulting PROMIS to discuss your responses.


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